Mental Health


Having struggled with his own mental health after a traumatic incident, and being saved by chance, Brendan turned to sport to help get back on his feet.

He is passionate about advocating for mental health, and the role sports and exercise can play in helping. He has partnered up with Irish mental health non profit MyMind.


MyMind Vision

Everyone has easy and quick access to affordable mental health services.


It’s easy for a client to self-refer to MyMind's counselling and psychotherapy services. Appointments are readily available, with no waiting list. Clients can avail of face to face sessions at one of 5 locations nationally or they can attend sessions online, with sessions delivered in 15 languages.

Payment Structure
MyMind charges their clients fees based upon their employment status, allowing the unemployed or full time students to access our services at reduced rates. The revenue generated from full fee clients is reinvested into the organisation, enabling the provision of services that are affordable to all.

MyMind have addressed many of the issues surrounding accessibility of mental health services. With a pioneering model that’s designed around the client taking into account many of life’s barriers, MyMind is working hard to bridge the gap between people and help.